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Tin box
The so-called tin box, just as its name implies is to use iron to the box, which is made of tin box.Tin is tin on the surface of the iron cross, to play the role of protection.Tin box points according to different kinds of different industries, more common are: the moon cake tin box, tin box, tea coffee tin box, biscuit tin box, health food tin box, beauty tin box, hand wan tin box, savings tin box, tin box sealing and milk powder tin box, wine iron boxes, iron boxes, Christmas gift tin box, candle tin box, metal barrels, badge, music iron boxes, cigarette tin box, stationery tin box, CD iron box, etc.
The characteristics of tin box
A, not pervious to light
Known as light besides reaction can lead to the deterioration of food, still can cause the change of protein and amino acids.However, food products by the light of vitamin C were more likely to make its role with other food ingredients, and cause huge loss of nutrition.According to relevant research and analysis, transparent glass bottles of milk, vitamin C, the loss of up to 14 times than dark bottled milk, light also can make the milk to produce peculiar smell, oxide and nuclide, a sulfur amino acid such as cracking and loss of nutritional value, tinplate cans not pervious to light that vitamin C has the highest BaoCunLv.
Second, good sealing
Packaging container for air and other volatile gas barrier property of nutrition and sensory quality of preservation is very important.In comparison, it is various kinds of fruit juice packaging container can prove the container of the oxygen transmittance directly affect the Browning of fruit juice and the preservation of vitamin C;Low oxygen transmittance of metal iron boxes, bottles and aluminum foil adhesive laminated, good cartons to the preservation of vitamin C with tin and among them the best.
Third, reduction of the metal
The inner wall of the tin tin can and filling oxygen remaining in a container can occur when reduction, thus decrease the chances of food ingredients by oxidation.Tin reduction, to light the flavour and colour and lustre of fruit, fruit juice has very good preservation effect, therefore use don't paint coating iron iron boxes filled with iron boxes than other packaging materials of juice tin box to save better nutrition, brown change slightly, better flavor quality acceptance, storage period lengthen.
Fourth, the help of human body
Tin boxes of food, besides a few pastel canned fruits and juices, mostly using internal coating paint cans, in order to improve the corrosion resistance properties of the container;But due to the effect of electrochemistry of the metal, not tu, tu canned canned food in the store will have a small amount of iron dissolution, in ferrous iron form exists in sealed canned food, it is easy to be absorbed by human body, the content of 1 to 10 PPM.In terms of fruit and vegetable products, raw material iron content in itself is not much, at 350 ml can drink tin box, tin box products iron content in PPM calculation, can provide 1.75 mg iron, about one over ten of the human daily intake of 18 mg.If all the fruit and vegetable juice drinks cans is rich in vitamin C, are more easily absorbed, iron and tin with food and beverage is a very good source of iron, more profound significance for tins of food to provide nutrition.
Because with these attributes, the tin case provide a besides the heat, airtight system completely isolated from the environment factors, avoid color food deterioration due to light, oxygen, moisture, also not because of the aroma through thin or by the environment through pollution stale smell, food storage stability is superior to other packaging material, vitamin C has the highest BaoCunLv, nutrient preservation sex is the best.
Tin box product is mainly suitable for:
1, the product categories: moon cake, cookies, candy, chocolate, tea, wine and leisure food, etc
2, protect the healthy class: propolis, calcium tablet, donkey-hide gelatin, throat sugar, etc
3, entertainment categories: chip, C, D, etc
4, article categories: such as pencils, crayons, and other stationery
5, farmers class: the seed, micronutrient fertilizer, etc
6, tool categories: all kinds of household hardware tools Sina weibo: China tin box manufacturers
7, with gift products: all kinds of promotional gift boxes, cans, cardfile, business battery box, etc
8, it's suitable for all kinds of small solid outer packing of the goods

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