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Tin box packaging industry in our country is still maintained a good development momentum

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Tin box packaging industry in our country is still maintained a good development momentum
Tin box packaging industry in our country is still maintained a good development momentum

According to statistics, recently, the development of the printing industry in our country present developed areas of performance than developing regions.Once printing development of peripheral areas, maintain the good development momentum, become an important factor in the development of the printing industry in our country.
China has three big printing developed area, the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and the bohai sea area;In the three regions, guangdong, zhejiang, Shanghai, jiangsu, Beijing, tianjin, etc., is one of the key, over the years, the development of the printing industry, the provinces and cities became the most important pull China's printing industry development power;In other parts of the development of the printing industry are more like green leaves, foil with the "red flower".
Economic crisis in 2008, the United States, followed by affecting the world, also spread to all walks of life, in the printing industry is "doomed" in nature, can not escape in the weakness of the whole.Nearly two years, the development of China's printing industry slowed, the direct cause, is used to bear the "engine" role in China's printing industry development of jiangsu ZheHu guangdong and Beijing and tianjin area of the printing industry, growth in the relatively steep decline, this also led to the growth rate of the national printing industry overall decline.
In July, the author contact zhejiang cangnan longgang printing association, head of the work, he once said to, why is the longgang many enterprises is not ideal, and even some business appeared not shut the door.In this case, he as the mainstay of regional industry, the other is understandably preoccupied.
Also in July, in communicating with an industry leader in Beijing, he said, in the printing industry also has a season, before and after the Spring Festival is the most delicate printing business, should be restored to April, 5, and 6 months into the season.Until July this year, however, should the season did not appear, business has always been tepid, hardly satisfactory.
In August, the author to the guangdong business, from a enterprise boss's mouth, almost got the answers to the same as the above two association leadership, this is now the business is not good, business shows the tendency of stagflation.
A variety of information, is to confirm the development velocity of printing developed areas is slowing.
In contrast to the former printing developed areas, are some of the printing development of peripheral areas, but still maintained a good development momentum.
On September 14, I was invited to wuhan to participate in "I'm from printing" the third session of BBS, and printing association in anhui province during the period of leadership communication.According to his introduction, the current development of anhui printing industry is very stable, basic maintained that some development pace."Is not our original development soon, so now in the area of printing and gap between capacity and market demand, therefore, the slowdown in the printing developed areas, we will also be able to maintain a certain growth rate."
And during the event, the author visited wuhan, a printing enterprise, obtained the similar answers.According to the head of the enterprise, while everyone is talking about the economic environment is not ideal, but specific to his business, he did not feel what is the problem."We this two years, it is the development of the ideal and maintain a certain growth every year, perhaps because of our service object mainly is the enterprise in wuhan, so changes in the international market impact is not big to us. Now our production capacity and product cannot meet the needs of customers, so we are also going to further expand the production capacity of enterprises, and introduces the digital printing equipment."
In addition, look from the nearly two years of some regional printing and packaging industry exhibition, on the north, and widely, dongguan though large-scale exhibitions, but basically left to rot, small show instead, Qingdao, wuhan, chengdu and other regions of the small shows the effect is good, this is from one side to confirm the development of these areas are printing and packaging industry.
For the overall development of China's printing industry, with only these conclusions, obviously it is too early, but also sufficient evidence.But the development of any industry, it will not be unlimited, the development of the industry will encounter "ceiling".When printing industry development of the developed areas have been rendered supersaturated, its development will be restricted, a slowdown or even negative growth;And the relative difference of regional development, will replace developed areas become the main power of industry.This is the natural law of economic development.We now can only say that this law is revealed the Chinese printing and packaging industry, once the printing and packaging peripheral areas, is becoming more and more important.This trend, the industry concern.

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